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Welcome to our page we are here to assist you with your product we promote Music , Venues ,Showcases ,Businesses and Entertainers. Our major outlet is Music and we also accept artist that want to be a member of our team. We also have contracts that is available (if necessary) we are looking for talent but if your looking for services we have them available below. We Also have distribution services...

Our main goal is to get the artist out there and connected we have many outlets even over seas in France.We are connected to No Limit East.We have DJ's and Radio Host that's with the company that can also assist you in their services the links are below.We also assist with mixtapes and graphics (Collective Visuals)  we have our own studio information for that will be updated but if you have any questions regarding that fill out your concerns in the Contact section.We have a 24 Hour promo service that will do the work for you and you will see the results also will get free mixtape slots according to your purchase.We are affiliated with some of the artist that are out today 

we will continue to upgrade this page in the meantime check out our services and options 

All you need to do is Purchase and submit your track. You'll be able to get on our next mixtape No QUESTIONS ASKED ..this is a good opportunity for those looking for MORE exposure also  ..you will get confirmation on your slot

Email: [email protected]

WE ARE NOW Promoting for Datpiff Mixtapes ,Twitter and SoundCloud more to announce..

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