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Gitbukk is now a Distributing company and can sign artist to distributing deals for all artist that want to have distribution. With your distribution we will promote your music 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We distribute to 24 channels (Digital Stores). We have paid distribution our prices varies. We do have a special placement for those we decide to sign. As for those looking for distributing. You can pick below what will work for you. And this is a lifetime deal your music will stay up unless anything illegal hinders the project.

$15 Single

$50 Albums etc..

$150 Full Year Unlimited Distribution

$5 off using CASH APP (Request)

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$2.50 1500 plays...

$5.50 2500 plays...

$8.00 4000 plays...

$13.00 8000 plays...

$18.50 20,000 plays...

$1.00 500 plays  <<<<< CLICK THIS LINK FOR MUSIC



Hey people welcome to my web page feel free to browse. I am a videographer ,artist and media promoter. You can check out my music and videos on this site. If you need some shots for your event I have a team that can whip it up for you. And also i can do it myself pending on request. Contact me for more details.


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